Vilact® provides customers with an effective patented skin care choice (backed up by research) without the use of harmful ingredients like allergens, parabens, dyes and perfumes. We has been extremely picky about what it puts into these products, and the result is a highly effective, all-natural product that can be used daily for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

Vilact® is so effective primarily because of our patented Lactoactive® formula, which is the main ingredient in this cream. Lactoactive® is a highly refined colostrum, developed to provide excellent results for people in need of healing or relief from a range of skin issues. Customers have successfully used Vilact® creams to find relief from such issues as cold sores, fungus, as well as:

  • dry and damaged skin
  • red itchy, irritated skin
  • eczema
    (atopic dermatitis and other forms of eczema)
  • rosacea wound healing
  • pigmentation disorders
  • cracked heels

  • acne
  • hives (urticaria)
  • vitiligo
  • ichthyosis
  • nappy rash
  • psoriasis
  • etc.
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